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Conditions of Use


- All transactions are in US dollars.

Payment method
- We Accept PayPal and Bank to bank money transfer/ Money wire.

- We accept PayPal payments for orders paid with international issued credit cards online through PayPal’s secure server system.
Please pay and remember that we ship only to the PayPal members with verified shipping address on the account.
If you do not have a verified Shipping address with PayPal, you can still use PayPal to send an E-Check.
- Paypal is an account-based system that let anyone with an email address send and receive online payments using your credit card or bank account.
- Before making payments with Paypal, you have to apply for a Paypal account first.
- Paypal allows you to use funds in your Paypal account, charge your credit card or debit your confirmed bank account.
- For more details, you can visit

All shipping, fraud prevention and backorder policies, including all other policies put in place by 4thDesign, still apply to all orders submitted with PayPal unless otherwise noted.
Per PayPal Policy, all refunds must be processed within 60 days of the initial transaction. We can not refund any PayPal transaction after that time.

**Bank to bank money transfer/ Money wire
- Money of our international customers prefers to pay via bank transfer in US dollars. Bank Transfer is a safe and convenient alternative to credit cards.
In fact, it is safer, since no one can intercept your personal access numbers and misuse your credit card.
- To order via bank transfer, please first submit your completed order/ shipping information for Instructions and your bank name, bank account number. (Please email Please, provide sufficient information so that we may properly process your order without delay. All information is required. Your order will not process without completed information.
Also, tell your bank teller or operate RC over the internet and ATM machine to wire funds to us as follows: Please mail a copy the Internet Funds Transfer or ATM Funds Transfer Transaction page or Bank Transfer Transaction paper together with your order confirmation email to
- Please note that there might be some additional charges assessed by banks during transaction (apart from the stated money wire charge) and customer is responsible for it. Please check with your bank about all potential charges to avoid any unexpected expenditure.
- We do not accept personal checks, money orders or C.O.D. All prices are in US dollars.

**Why am I getting no response after making the payment?
Paying via Paypal, please ensure money is sent to right email address –
Paying via Bank to Bank Transfer, please ensure that order number is included in the message to recipient (That is us, 4thDesign).